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16 October 2005 @ 01:43 pm
Conviction - gen, Bellatrix  
Title: Conviction
Author: Ref
Fandom: Harry Potter
Rating: PG-13 I suppose. Warnings for death.
Genre: Gen
Characters: Bellatrix Lestrange (Voldemort, Severus Snape and Harry Potter)
Summary: A true believer is ready to die for his convictions. (350 words)

He was mighty once. Bellatrix touches her white mask tenderly as she remembers. Her mind wanders, sorting out, finding color in her black and white memories. Lovely shades of red.

He was mighty and strong and if she concentrates hard enough, she can see when it all changed.

The Boy is the obvious answer, but in her mind she sees a pale face and a hooked nose, always whispering in His ear. Long billowing robes around the corner of every mistake.

Bellatrix doesn't blame her Lord, she blames him, the arrogant and self-serving bastard that manages to find an explanation for everything. She can see how His red eyes are blinded by greasy hair and plain words echoing with sarcasm. It is alikeness and love, and Bellatrix knows how deceiving both can be.

The Traitor sees the boy through fog and haze, slipping words like poison into their ears. Half-told prophecies and inaccurate reports, all with just enough truth to fend off doubt. But Bellatrix knows better, she loves and believes, and unlike them she's ready to die for Him.

So when she stalks into the Muggle village, its stink enveloping her, Bellatrix laughs merrily as the green light chokes the Boy's life out of him. Frail young body falling with a thump that makes her shiver in excitement. She lifts him up without magic, he - no, no longer a boy, now just a body - it is undeserving of magic in death.

She lays it down in front of her Lord and pleads with her eyes. Not for mercy - for her Lord is unmerciful - but for clarity of thought. Now that the thorn is out, He must see the black rose it came from.

As green flames wrap around her on her metaphorical stake, she doesn't scream. Bellatrix is calm and content even if the traitor is the one taking her life. Her last word is said with a smile so sweet that he flinches when he hears his name.

She burns only for a moment. Her Lord's wrath will make the world burn for eternity.